A.O. Centrul pentru Educație Continuă are plăcerea de a anunța o ofertă de colaborare cu o școala profesională din Catania , Italia care pregătește specialiști în următoarele domenii: gastronomie, turism, servicii hoteliere.
  • Scopul activității este îmbunătățirea capacității de predare a limbii engleze la școlile profesionale din Republica Moldova care activează în domeniul gastronomiei.
  • Școlile profesionale din Republica Moldova care activează în domeniul gastronomiei pot solicita oferta de colaborare și sunt invitați să participe la procesul de planificare al activităților care urmează a fi implimentate în cadrul proiectului FELT School în perioada iunie 2017 – mai 2018.
  •  Oferta activităților a fost discutată în prealabil cu instituția parteneră din Italia și acum este disponibilă pentru a fi expediată directorilor școlilor profesionale prin email.
  •  Dacă aveți întrebări vă rugăm să ne puteți contacta la numărul de telefon: 06 99 06 154.
  •  Termen limită de discutare a ofertelor de colaborare: 5 aprilie 2017
Pentru informații adiționale puteți accesa următoarele lincuri:
alte activități organizate în colaborare cu IPSSEOA K. Wojtyla:
Cu respect,

Daniela Murgulet

Coordonator de proiect FELT School
Posted by: FELT School | March 2, 2017

Job-shadowing at IPSSEOA K. Wojtyla, Catania

În perioada 20 – 24 februarie 2017 trei profesori de limba engleză și un elev din Moldova au participat la vizita de schimb la instițuția parteneră, IPSSEOA “K. Wojtyla” din Catania, Italia.

Scopul activității a fost de a oferi oportunități de dezvoltare profesională pentru profesori și elevi ai școlilor profesionale care activează în domeniul gastronomiei.


In the period of 20-24 February 2017 three English language teachers and a student from Moldova participated in the exchange visit at  IPSSEOA “K. Wojtyla” from Catania, Italy.

The exchange visit was targeted to offer job-shadowing activities for the English language teachers and students interested in ESP, and namely English for Gastronomy.

Daniela Murgulet, FELT School project coordinator, Veronica Cazacu, project assistant, Morari Doina, English language teacher at the Center of Exccellence in Food Proccessing Services, Vuico Critian, student at the vocational school number 2 from Chisinau participated in this training programme.

This was a great capacity building activity as it provided the opportunity to observe experienced English language teachers during the lessons, to teach English to Italian students, to make presentations about Moldovan dishes and wineries, to participate in cooking workshops, gastronomic tours, a wine tasting masterclass and take pictures for future ESP resources.

The exchange visit was a great tool for learning and networking. The Moldovan participants have worked in a team of professionals, under the supervision and in collaboration with 12 experienced teachers and enthusiastic students from IPSSEOA K. Wojtyla.

The exchange visit was organised in the framework of the FELT School project with the financial support of the Foundation “Liechtenstein Development Service” and the partner school – IPSSEOA K. Wojtyla from Catania.



Posted by: FELT School | January 3, 2017

Guided Reading Activities for the 4th Form Pupils

FELT School plans to organise guided reading activities for the 4th form pupils in 10 schools in the period of January – February 2017.

The activities are based on the story “The School Bell” published in the framework of our project in 2016.

The activities are targeted to help the children build reading comprehention skills in English and raise awareness about the delightful moments spent with their family. They also draw a connection between the school bell and the Christmas bell. Do you want to find out how?

Interested schools, EL or primary school teachers can  fill in this application form:


All the organising costs are covered by the organisers from the project grant.

Criteria for recruiting the schools: Fist come, first served principle.

First applicants and scheduled days:

  1. Vacari Dorina –  Gymnasium nr 2, Drochia – 27 January 2017
  2. Borta Natalia – Olymp Theoretical Lyceum, Costesti, Ialoveni – 23 February 2017
  3. Cebotari Vasile –  Andrei Porcescu Gymnasium, Cainarii Vechi, Soroca – 23 January 2017
  4. Budurin Elena – Stefanesti Lyceum, Stefanesti, Floresti – 10 February 2017
  5. Mandatari Ludmila,  Cerscaia Valentina – Vasile Coroban Lyceum, Glodeni – 12 January 2016
  6. Sirbu Veronica – Falestii Noi Gymnasium – 25 January 2017
  7. Leorda Diana – Cotiujenii Mari Theoretical Lyceum, Cotiujenii mari, Soldanesti- 1 February 2017
  8. Colesnic Nicolina – Ion Creanga Theoretical Lyceum, Chisinau – February 2017
  9. Zaiteva Ecaterina – Egorovca Gymnasium, Falesti –  February 2017 (the date will be confirmed soon).
  10. Babuci Catalina – Vasile Coroban Lyceum, Glodeni –  January 2016


The FELT School project is implemented with the kind financial support of the Foundation Liechtenstein Development Service.

Posted by: FELT School | December 22, 2016

Christmas Programme

The FELT School Annual Evaluation session was organised on the 24th of December 2016.  28 primary learners from Balti and Glodeni along with their parents participated in the event singing Christmas songs and performing plays about the winter holidays.

The English language teachers received a set of flashcards elaborated in 2016 and our first English reader “The School Bell”.

The story was also piloted during the extracurricular activities organised at the Gimnasium Chetris, Falesti district and Gymnasium Balauresti, Nisporeni district on the 27th and 28th of December 2016. 20 pupils participated in the guided reading activities and enjoyed playing vocabulary snowballs.



The FELT School project is implemented with the kind financial support of the Foundation Liechtenstein Development Service.


FELT School is glad to announce its Christmas Programme:

24 December 2016: Christmas Party at Oscar Restaurant, Balti

The EL teachers will have the opportunity to observe 3 demo lessons on topics related to winter holidays in different groups of 2nd, 3rd and 4th form pupils;

The pupils come from the following institutions:

  • G. Cosbuc High School, Balti
  • V. Alecsandri High School, Balti
  • V. Coroban High School, Glodeni

Teacher’s training pack includes: colourful flashcards for primary learners, Christmas plays, songs, and access to online ELT tools.

Refreshments are available.

Entrance fee: 100 MDL per person


26 December 2016 – Let’s Read a Book about Christmas

This is an extracurricular activity for the 4th form pupils from Chetris Gymnasium, Falesti district.

Interested teachers are welcome to join or observe our demo lessons.


27 December 2016 – Let’s Read a Book about Christmas

This is an extracurricular activity for the 4th form pupils from Balauresti Gymnasium, Nisporenidistrict.

Interested teachers are welcome to join or observe our demo lessons.


We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

full of profesional development opportunities!



Posted by: FELT School | November 5, 2016

CPD Programme for EL teachers from VET Schools

On the 5th of November 2016, a one day training session was organised for the English language teachers from the VET school from Moldova specialised in gastronomy.

The event included teambuilding activities, ESP lessons for the teachers, workshop on using computer assisted language learning tools in teaching English at the vocational schools and developing video resources for the English courses from the target institutions.

The event was hosted by the Vocational School number 2 from Chisinau.

The next training will be organised on the 25th of November 2016 and will include an online session with Mrs. Anna Chiarenza, EL teachers at the I.P.S.S.E.O.A Karol Wojtila in Catania, Italy.

The training is organised in the framework of the FELT School project with the kind financial support of the Foundation “Liechtenstein Development Service”.


Posted by: FELT School | October 28, 2016

Book Donation

We would like to express our appreciation and gratitude to Mrs. Anna Chiarenza, Mrs. Piera Parisi and Mrs. Rita Santagati, EL teachers at the I.P.S.S.E.O.A Karol Wojtila in Catania, and Mr. Panagiotis Tsoumanis, director at the 1st Second Chance School of Korydallos, Greece for the kind book donation to the FELT School Project.

We appreciate your effort to share so many books in teaching ESP to the VET school students and ELT to the primary learners. This collection will help us improve our EL courses, extracurricular activities for the pupils and our teacher training courses.


Your generosity is greatly appreciated. Due to this, we are able to filfill our objectives in improving the quality of teaching ESP courses and contributing to the professional development of EL teachers from Moldova.

Thank you very much for your support.

Daniela Murgulet,

from the behalft of the the FELT School Team and EL teachers from the partner schools


Posted by: FELT School | October 12, 2016

Call for Applicants


Name of the project: CELL- Creative Emotional Language Learning

Period: academic year 2016-2017

Aim: to investigate the creativity of Greek and Moldovan EFL writing as a response to emotional stimuli.

Project Coordinator: Dr. Aikaterini Kantourou

Greek Partner institutions:

  • University professors from University of Patras and the Hellenic University;
  • English language teachers from primary schools from Greece;

Moldovan Partner institutions:

  • The FELT School Project is the partner organisation responsible for coordinating the activities in the Republic of Moldova.
  • Local schools, EL teachers and university lecturers can integrate the CELL resources in their EL classes.


Application Process

Join us on Sunday, 16 October 2016, 12:00 a.m. (local time) for a webinar in order to find out more information about the project, the application process and the teacher’s activities.

To register for the webinar, please follow this link and fill in the application form.


There will be a confirmation process on Saturday, 15.10.2016. All applicants should check their email for detailed info.


Participants’ Requirements:

1) English language teachers with an English major University Degree, currently employed at a state school and teaching in one of the project target groups (4th  to 6th form pupils)

2) Working in a school which supports CALL(computers,projectors,internet access).

Teachers can have their own pc in class provided the school has a project and internet access.

3) C2 level of English, spoken and written.

4) Digital literacy including the use of internet tools,search engines,projector and MS Office

5) Proven Participation in Methodological Courses is desirable but not essential

6) Willingness to go the extra mile in TEFL creativity


Contact person: Daniela Murgulet

Email: apply.felt.school@gmail.com



Posted by: FELT School | July 6, 2016

ESP Summer School: Participants’ Recollections

ESP Summer School:

Teaching English at the Vocational Schools Specialized in Gastronomy.

3-10 July 2016

Overview of the ESP Summer School 2016:


Participants’ Recollections and Comments

After this summer school, we have left behind:

  • the first ESP Summer School organised in the framework of the FELT School project;
  • a team of teachers from three countries – Moldova, Italy and Greece;
  • cooperation between VET Schools, our association and a local restaurant;
  • an improved handbook “English for Gastronomy” by adding online presentations, video recordings and quizes;
  • the EL teachers have learnt about Kahoot, Tackk and other online educational tools;
  • we have made new video recordings and Power Point presentations on ESP topics;
  • new sets of flashcards for the local VET schools;
  • opportunities of follow-up exchange visits.

Daniela Murgulet, Moldova


After the summer school, I have left behind: Frienship! Online Presentations, two books, and 2 DVDs.

Anna Chiarenza, Italy


Doresc sa multumesc pentru sansa de a invata de la niste profesori excelenti, care ne ofera diferite lectii in domeniul gastronomic. Astazi am avut sansa de a prepara bucate grecesti sub conducerea dl. Panagiotis. Am primit instructiuni despre cum se face o rezervare corecta la restaurant. Este o experienta de neuitat.

Isac Tatiana, Moldova


Va multumesc foarte mult pentru oportunitatea oferita , ambianta a fost nemaipomenita alaturi de oaspetii nostri , atit la lectii cit si la bucatarie , D.Panagiotis ne-a redat o bucatica din bucataria sa extraordinara , in continuare astept ca prietnii nostri sa fie tot asa deschisi si va multumesc din nou , ma simt foarte bine 🙂

Cristian Vuico, Moldova


Thank you so much for this opportunity! I have really been enjoying the cooking workshops, learning information about traditional dishes, watching their preparation in real time and of course tasting them!!!

Rosemarie, Greece

Posted by: FELT School | July 6, 2016

ESP Summer School

A core group of 14 people participate in the ESP Summer School “Teachign English at the Vocational Schools Specialised in Gastronomy” in the period od 3 -10 July 2016.

EL teachers, waiters, VET school students from the cook specialty from Moldova, Italy and Greece will participate in a diversity of activities targeted to develop ESP resources and exchange teaching techniques.

The event is hosted by  Oliva Restaurant in Balti.

The summer school is organised by the Association “Continuing Education Center” in the framework of the FELT School project in collaboration with the Center for Excellence in Gastronomy and the financial support of the Foundation “Liechtenstein Development Service”.


Posted by: FELT School | June 24, 2016

Visit from a Greek Primary School

The FELT Summer School had a great pleasure to have as special guests Mrs. Angeliki Martinou and Mrs. Aikaterini Kantourou from the 11th State Primary School of Piraeus, Greece for four days in Balti, Moldova. The aim of the visit was to meet our project staff, visit our summer school partners, observe demo lessons, provide feedback, attend the summer school evaluation session and plan an exchange visit for a group of EL teachers and pupils from Moldova to the Greek primary school. Besides the EL demo lessons, Mrs. Angeliki Martinou, the school principal, and Mrs. Aikaterini Kantourou, local EL teacher, joined one of our dancing lessons and enjoyed the traditional Moldovan clothing and dances.


Our honoured guests attended the summer school evaluation session. They talked to the children about their learning experience during the summer school which was based on the English course books from Moldova, Greece and Oxford publications. Gutu Loredan was the first pupil recruited to participate in the exchange visit to the primary school from Piraeus.

We also made sure that our Dear Friends catch a glimpse of Moldova and on the way to Balauresti Lyceum, one of the partner schools, we visited Curchi monastery, Cricova winery, and Hincu Monastery.

We hope that Mrs. Angeliki Martinou and Mrs. Aikaterini Kantourou was able not only to positively evaluate our summer school structure and results, but also, to meet the Moldovan culture, our lifestyle, and cuisine. We believe that this visit will tighten the relationship between our countries in scope of the educational projects that our association implements with the financial support of the Foundation “Liechtenstein Development Service”.

Thank you dear Mrs. Angeliki Martinou and dear Mrs. Aikaterini Kantourou, it was a pleasure to have you here with us!


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