Dear headmasters, teachers and students,

I greatly appreciate the approval of collaboration from the behalf of the headmasters from the three partner institutions, and namely Dott.ssa Daniela Di Piazza, headmaster at IPSSEOA ,,K. Wojtyla”, Catania, Mrs. Sivia Proțiuc, headmaster at the Center of Excellence in Food Processing Services from Balti, and Mrs. Violeta Camerzan, headmaster at the Vocational School from Cupcini, and the joint effort in organizing the exchange visit for the 3 teachers and 3 students from IPSSEOA ,,K. Wojtyla”, Catania, at the vocational schools from Moldova in the period of 18 – 23 March 2018.

I would like to express my gratitude to Prof.ssa Anna Chiarenza, Mrs. Doina Morari, Mrs. Natalia Balan, Mrs. Maia Guțu for coordinating the activities at the local schools and providing the assistance in planning and organizing the activities in the framework of this event.

I would like to thank Prof. Biagio Danilo De Feo, Prof. Carlo Ciaramidaro, Prof. Giovanni Sapienza for sharing their professional expertise with the Moldovan teachers and students during this exchange visit. I am more than grateful to you for the time spent planning and organizing the masterclasses on Italian dishes and non-alcoholic cocktails, delegating organizational and monitoring tasks to the Italian students during the cooking process and providing examples of leading the students via experiential learning, encouraging them to create new bonds of friendships and collaboration with the Moldovan peers via our gastronomy club or the joint workshop on food and healthy lifestyle organized in collaboration with the students and teachers from the College of Medicine.

My sincere appreciation to the students from IPSSEOA ,,K. Wojtyla”, Giovani Agatino Bomparola, Francesco Antoci, Davide Puglisi, and the target groups of students from the Moldovan partner schools for working collaboratively as part of all the masterclasses, workshops, English classes,  and for submitting the letter of consent which entitles us to use the photos and video recordings from this exchange visit in order to develop resources for our course “English for Gastronomy”.

I would like to thank the instructors from the vocational schools from Moldova, Mrs. Lilia Mahu, Mrs. Alina Furculița, Mrs. Svetlana Musteata, Mr. Petru Guțu and their colleagues for their valuable contribution in organizing the masterclasses on Moldovan cuisine as part of the exchange visit at their school. The masterclasses on both Italian and Moldovan cuisine provide us the opportunity to preserve the pleasure of the table by experiencing the new meals together as a key indicator to promote excellence in hospitality.

Again, thank you so much to all the students, instructors and teachers from the partner schools for playing a key role in the transmission of knowledge and passion for the culinary art, in promoting the intercultural collaboration and for contributing to the process of improving the English language teaching process at the vocational schools from Moldova.

I am deeply appreciative of the financial support for this exchange visit to the Foundation ”Liechtenstein Development Service” and I promise you we will work very hard to value this input and give it back by sharing the acquired knowledge and the new developed resources for the English course with all the partner vocational schools from Moldova.

Thank you again for your commitment and teamwork and I look forward to working with you in the future as part of our FELT School project, a small project with big opportunities.

Best Regards,

Daniela Murgulet

FELT School Project Cooridnator


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Dear Dott.ssa Daniela Di Piazza:

I would like to thank you for the job shadowing and the professional development  opportunities offered to the group of 9 persons from Moldova during our exchange visit to IPSSEOA “K. Wojtyla”, Catania, Italy in the period of 3-10 March 2018.

We owe a great debt of gratitude to Prof.ssa Anna Chiarenza and all the teachers from IPSSEOA “K. Wojtyla” for the invaluable assistance and input with planning and implementing  the exchange visit programme. Your team’s experience in handling the logistics, the meeting arrangements, coordinating travel and accommodation, and in organizing the planned activities and events were greatly appreciated.

Due to the fruitful collaboration among your English language teachers – Prof.ssa Anna Chiarenza, Prof.ssa Rita Santagati, Prof.ssa Anna-Maria Barbagalo, Prof. Mario La Rosa, Prof.ssa Maria Rita Moschetto – the English language teachers from Moldova had the opportunity to observe English lessons held in target groups of Italian students, pilot Padlet presentations while holding a lesson about the Modovan dishes and attend a plenary meeting on testing in ESP.

Many of our participants made a point of telling me how impressed they were by the smooth organization of all of the cooking sessions organized by the teachers from IPSSEOA “K. Wojtyla” and namely Prof. Biagio Danilo De Feo, Prof. Mario Rinaldi, Prof. Michele Craparo, Prof. Carlo Ciaramidaro. The Molodvan students and Mrs Liuba Baligari, instructor, could easily integrate into the Italian team of students and enjoy learning how to cook marvelous Italian dishes. They were also enchanted to attend the one day masterclass organized by the chef Simone Strano and chef Giuseppe Raciti from the Italian Federation of Cooks in collaboration with your school.

Moreover, the joint lessons and masterclasses facilitated by the specialty teachers, the students and the English language teachers from your school is a great model of collaboration and support among all the persons involved in the teaching-learning process of future cooks and bartenders, emphasizing the importance to master English as a communication skill providing better employment opportunities in the future. The lessons and masterclasses held by Prof. Sergio Perricelli, Prof. Mario La Rosa, Prof. Davide Cucinotta, Prof. Giuseppe Agati could be observed by the English language teachers from Molodva as well, helping them better understand such topics as wine pairing, cocktails, flambe cooking and take pictures that will be used to develop ESP resources for their lessons, sharing and implementing the valuable knowledge they have acquired during the exchange visit with generations of students from their local schools and contributing the sustainability of the exchange visit programme.

We would also like to express our gratitude to the Italian students – Giovanni Bomparola, Davide Puglisi, Francesco Antoci and their family members for hosting the Moldovan students and organizing their socio-cultural programme. We are glad to have had the opportunity to meet them and we are really enthusiastic to welcome them in Moldova along with the 3 teachers, Prof. Biagio Danilo De Feo, Prof. Carlo Ciaramidaro, Prof. Giovanni Sapienza, in the period of 17-24 March 2018. I hope these visits will strengthen the ties of cooperation that bind our organizations.
Please convey my appreciation to everyone on your staff. Thanks again for making our visit to IPSSEOA “K.Wojtyla”, Catania, a memorable experience.



Daniela Murguleț

PS. Original version can be accessed via the following link:

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English lessons for Italian and Moldovan students

On the 23rd of March 2018, students from IPSSEOA “K.Wojtyla”, Catania, Italy,  pupils from the Center of Excellence in Food Processing Services from Balti and pupils from the vocational school from Cupcini attended English lessons held by the teachers from vocational schools from Moldova.

The teachers have integrated video recordings from the masterclasses on Italian, Moldovan or Greek cuisine, Kahoot quizzes, Padlet presentations and other online learning tools which have managed to inspire learning and collaboration among the students as well as increase awareness of the importance of speaking English as it offers new professional development opportunities.


The activities were organised in the framework of the exchange visit of teachers and students from IPSSEOA “K.Wojtyla”, Catania, at the Center of Excellence in Food Processing Services from Balti and the vocational school from Cupcini.

This professional development opportunity took place in the framework of the FELT School project aiming to contribute to improving the process of teaching English at the partner  vocational schools from Moldova.

The exchange visit has been organised in the period of 18-23 March 2018. The pupils from the vocational schools have also attended one masterclass on Moldovan cuisine facilitated by Mrs. Sfetlana Musteata and Furculița Alina, instructors from the Center of Excellence in Food Processing Services from Balti and Mr. Petru Gutu, instructor from the vocational school from Cupcini, two masterclasses on Italian cuisine facilitated by Prof. Biagio Danilo De Feo and Prof. Carlo Ciaramidaro from IPSSEOA “K.Wojtyla”, Catania, a masterclass on non-alcoholic cocktails facilitated by Prof. Giovani Sapienza a workshop on healthy food and lifestyle organised in collaboration with the students from the Cllege of Medicine from Balti.

Representatives from all the schools have also attended the evaluation session and provided valuable feedback for maintaining and improving the exchange visits in the future.

The exchange visit was organised with the financial support of the foundation “Liechtenstein Development Service”.

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Photo Contest for the VET School Students

The association “Continuing Education Center” is please to launch a photo contest for the vocational school students.

The contest aims to encourage them to be one of the key players in the transmission of knowledge and passion for the culinary art .

Expected outcomes:

  • 50 to 100 photos will be selected to be used for the new collection of topical flashcards  published as additional resources to the handbook “English for Gastronomy”,
  • 1 photo will be selected to be published on the cover of the handbook “English for Gastronomy”.

The photos will be displayed during the photo exhibition  as part of the evaluation session of the exchange visit of the Italian teachers and students at the Moldovan schools.

Date: on Friday, the 23rd of March 2018

Place: Center of Excellence in Food Processing Services


Criteria for pre-selecting the photos for the exhibition

  1. The photo contains a picture of a student or gastronomy related processes, products, dishes, etc.
  2. The student is dressed appropriately in order to represent one of the specialities related to gastronomy,
  3. The photo was taken during one of the activities in the framework of the FELT School project,
  4. The photo should be of a very good quality.
  5. The student has submitted a letter of consent signed by the parents confirming the right of our association to use the photos dispalying this student during the FELT School activities.
  6. New photos should be submitted via email


Teachers and students will participate in the final decision process.

Recognition and awards

The students whose photos will be selected for the above mentioned outcomes will receive a certificate recognising his or her role as a key players in the transmission of knowledge and passion for the culinary art.

The student whose photo will be selected to be published on the cover of the handbook will receive a certificate and a prize related to the Moldovan gastronomy.


Deadline for submitting the photos and the letters of consent for this contest:

Tuesday, 20 March 2018, 8 pm

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Planning Sessions for Joint Activities in 2018-2019

The Association “Continuing Education Center” is pleased to launch the planning session of the joint activities for the academic year 2018-2019 and 2019-2020.

Schools and educational projects,

teachers, students, groups of students, groups teachers, groups of parents

are invited to join our planning process.

Participating in the planning session is a manadtory process for organising activities togethre as well as for joining our activities.

The process last for 2 or 3 months, and finishes with a clear proposal of joint activities, excpected outcomes and means of verification that document that these results have been achieved. Then, these activities will be included in our aplication forms as we continue our fundraining initiatives (via grants, economical activities, paticipation fees, ect.)

Proposal can be related to 4 broad domains.

  • Teaching Eglish to Primary Learners
  • Teaching English for Gastronomy (esp. vocational schools)
  • Educational Marketing
  • Volunteering in ELT, ESP and organisational development.


Interested candidates and school representatives are kindly asked to submit a first proposal of activities via the email ( and provide a short description of


  1. the proposed activities
  2. or type of activities we are already organising and you’d be interested to apply. (We reccommend you to spend a few minutes on our blog and inform yourself about the activities we are organising on an annual basis.)

(2) type of financial contribution, if  available.

(3) period of the activity you are suggesting or you are applying

(4) your expectations and motivation to organise or to join the given activities and how they relate to our organisations’s values and annual activities.

We would like to mention that the planning process implies investing valuable time from the behalf of all the parties involved.

Some of the proposals need to be discussed with other partner institutions we are already working with that is why responding to an email may take from 1 week up to 2 weeks.

We aim to have an effective communication process that will ensure the success of the joint activities. Additional application forms might be required once we start the fundraising process.

The first approved activities wil be announced in June 2018.

Please follow our blog for more updates and detailed information.









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Exchange Visit in Sicily

In the period 3-10 March 2018, a group of 9 people, consisting of English teachers, instructors and pupils from 4 professional schools from Moldova and representatives of the FELT School project, participated in the exchange visit at IPSSEOA “K. Wojtyla “, Catania, Italy.

29101595_798057420377717_3545732464783654912_o (1)

The teachers had the opportunity to improve their knowledge on gastronomy related topics and the ability to hold an ESP course, such as English for Gastronomy, by observing English lessons taught by experienced teachers from the host institution, holding a public lesson about Moldovan dishes, attending sessions and analysing samples of the English language tests used during the years 2016-2018 at IPSSEOA ,, K. Wojtyla “in the target groups of students from the 1st to the 5th year of study.

The students and Mrs. Liuba Baligari, instructor at the vocational school from Stefan Voda, had the opportunity to work in the partner school’s lab along with the students and the Italian chefs. On Tuesday, the 6th of March, they have attended a one day masterclass  organized by the Italian Chef’s Federation at IPSSEOA ,, K.Wojtyla “. The partner institution has also provided us the opportunity to make video recordings as well as photos that will later be used to develop didactic resources for the ESP course “English for Gastronomy”. The students have learnt how to cook many new dishes and they have mentioned that the dishes and sauces based on seafood products were the most unusual and the most interesting for them.

The fruitful collaboration between the Sicilian and Moldovan students was also facilitated by the host school’s initiative to accommodate students in the host families of students from IPSSEOA “K.Wojtyla”.

The activities organized during the exchange visit included gastronomic tours to an  local factory distributing oranges and producing orange juice, as well as a socio-cultural program in Catania, Taormina and Caltagirone, where teachers familiarized themselves with various aspects of Italian cuisine as well as the history and cultural treasure of Sicily.

The exchange visit was organized in the framework of the FELT School project with the financial support of Liechtenstein Development Service, the host institution IPSSEOA “K. Wojtyla”, Catania, the host families from Catania as well as the personal resources of people such as instructors or members of the Gastronomy Club for example, who are not part of the target group beneficiaries of the FELT School project but wanted to invest their own resources in their professional development.


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Vizita de Schimb de Experiență în Sicilia

În perioada 3-10 matie 2018 un grup de 9 persoane format din profesori de limba engleză, maiștri și elevi de la 4 școli profesionale din Moldova și reprezentanți ai proiectului FELT School au participat la vizita de schimb de experiență de la IPSSEOA ”K. Wojtyla”, Catania, Italia.

29101595_798057420377717_3545732464783654912_o (1)

Profesorii au avut oportunitatea de a-și îmbunătăți cunoștințele legate de gastronomie și abilitățile de predare a unui curs de limba engleză pentru gastronomie prin oservarea lecțiilor de limba engleză predate de profesori cu experiență de la instituția gazdă, prin predarea unei lecții publice despre bucatele moldovenești, prin sesiuni privind analizarea testelor de evaluare a cunoștințelor la limba engleză utilizate în perioada anilor 2016-2018 la IPSSEOA ,,K. Wojtyla” în grupurile țintă de elevi de la anul 1-5 de studiu.

Elevii și dna Liuba Baligari, maistru la școala profesională Ștefan Vodă au avut oportunitatea de a lucra în laboratorul școlii partenere împreună cu elevii și șefii bucătari italieni. Marți, 6martie, elevii și dna Liuba Baligari au participat la un masterclass organizat de Federația Bucătarilor Italieni la IPSSEOA ,,K.Wojtyla”. Instituția parteneră ne-a oferit deasemenea oportunitatea de a face înregistrări video dar și fotogarfii care ulterior vor fi utilizate pentru elaborarea resurselor didactice tematice în limba engleză. Printre bucatele noi  învățate, elevii au menționat bucatele și sosurile din produsele marine ca fiind cele mai neobișnuite și interesante pentru ei.

Colaborarea fructuoasă dintre elevii din Catania și elevii din Moldova a fost deasemenea facilitată și de inițiativa școlii gazdă de a caza elevii participanți la schimbul de experiență în familiile gazdă ale elevilor de la IPSSEOA ,,K.Wojtyla”.

Activitățile organizate în cadrul vizitei de schimb de experiență au inclus și vizite gastronomice la o fabrică de distribuire a portocalelor și producere a sucurilor precum și program socio-cultural în Catania, Taormina și Caltagirone, unde profesorii s-au familiarizat cu diverse aspecte ale bucătăriei Italiene și în special istoria și tezaurul cultural specific Siciliei.

Vizita de schimb de experiență a fost organizată în cadrul proiectului FELT School cu suportul financiar al fundației ,,Serviciul de Dezvoltare din Liechtenstein”, al instituției gazdă IPSSEOA ,,K.Wojtyla”, Catania, a famililor gazdă din Catania precum și din contul personal al unor persoane cum ar fi maiștri sau membrii clubului gastronomic care nu fac parte din grupul țintă de beneficiari ai proiectuuli FELT School dar au dorit să investească propriile resurse în dezvoltarea profesională.








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Formular de aplicare: vizita de schimb de experiență



A.O. ,,Centrul pentru Educație Continuă” organizează vizita de schimb de experientă a 3 elevi , 2 profesori de limba engleză și un maistru de la IPSSEOA ,,K. Wojtyla, Catania, Italia la școlilor profesionale din Republica Moldova.

Pentru a participa la acest eveniment cadrele didactice de limba engleză și managerii școlilor profesionale sunt rugate să completeze formularul de mai jos.

Termen limita de completare: 22 februarie 2018, ora: 17:00.


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Donează și Beneficiază


Campania este organizată pe parcursul anului 2018 cu scopul de a colecta resurse financiare pentru a publica și distribui gratuit broșurile de lectură ghidată la limba engleză destinate elevilor din claselel primare.



  • O broșură de lectură ghidată a fost publicată în cadrul proiectului Felt School nr 414_2015/2018, implimentat cu sustinerea financiara a Fundatiei “Serviciul de Dezvoltare din Liechtenstein”. Broșura a fost pilotată în 8 școli într-un grup țintă de 252 elevi din clasa a 4-a pe parcursul anului


  • Trei istorioare care urmează a fi publicate în anul 2018 sunt elaborate în colaborare cu doamna Maria Mexi și doamna Angeliki Martinou, profesoare de la școala primară nr. 11 din Piraeus, Grecia.



În cadrul sesiunii de evaluare  a programului de internship

,,Predare Limbii Engleze în Clasele Primare” vor fi organizate:

  • expoziții de fișe didactice și oferte promoționale unice;
  • concursuri la limba engleză pentru cadrele didactice, elevi ai claselor primare și părinți;
  • premii, certificate de participare și medalii;
  • acces gratuit doar pentru participanții evenimentului la cursul online cu resurse video care complementează seturile de fișe didactice și oferă un suport extraordinar pentru cadrele didactice, elevi ai claselor primare și părinți;
  • anunțarea școlilor care au intrat în platforma ,,Bobocei Poligloți cu Inimă de Leu” pe parcursul anului 2017-2018.



  • Promovează metodele de predarea-învățare-evaluare centrate pe elev;
  • Susține elevii care participă la evaluările interactive documentate prin video înregistrări precum și școlilor partenere care dau dovadă de transparență și calitate în procesul didactic și fac publice rezulatele școlare;
  • Fii unul din promotorii și beneficiarii unei colaborări profesionale dintre cadrele diadctice de limba engleză din Republica Moldova și Grecia și poți aplica la vizita de schimb de experineță de la școaal nr 11 din Piraeus, Grecia.
  • Fii parte din echipa cadrelor didactice care activeaza la nivelul cadrelor primare și împărtășesc VIZIUNEA noastră de a obține SUCCESE REMARCABILE în îmbunătățirea procesului de predare-învățare-evaluare a limbii engleze din Republica Moldava.



Donați în baza contractului de donații:

Alegeti seturile din catalogul fișelor didactice la limba engleză!

Ridicați seturile de fișe didactice timp de 2 luni de la data efectuării donației sau comandați livrarea seturilor prin poștă.

Imprimați flyerul campaniei și invitați și alti prieteni sa participe împreună cu Dvs. la sesiunea de evaluare din luna aprilie 2018.

Tel. 06 99 06 154

Aducem sincere felicitări

dnei Mariana Gorpati, profesoară de limba engleză la Liceul ,,M. Eminescu”, Hâncești și dnei Ciorescu Elena, profesoară de limba engleză la Gimnaziul Bălăurești

cu ocazia realizării indicatorului de performanță C5 în cadrul programului de internship „Predarea Limbii Engleze în Clasele Primare”.

Indicatorul de pereformanțî C5 cuprinde realizarea a minim 5 evaluări orale la limba engleză documentate prin video inregistrări cu elevii clasei a 2 –a de la instituția în care activează.

Activitatea de predare- evaluare a avut loc în semestrul I al anului de studiu 2017 – 2018 și profesorii au beneficiat de suportul didactic gratuit, sesiuni de instruire, asistență în predarea limbii engleze la clasa a 2-a promovând activități de co-predare  ca parte a curriculei școlare cu un profesor cu experiență. Dna Aliona Goroholschi, profesoară de limba engleză la Gimnaziul ,,M.Viteazul” din or. Hâncești a fost partenera care a ghidat activitatea dnei Mariana Gorpati, iar dna Daniela Murguleț a ghidat activitatea dnei Elena Ciorescu.

Fiecare grup pilot a primit gratuit, prin act de primire-predare, seturi de fișe didactice elaborate în cadrul proiectului FELT School. Astfel fiecare elev a participat la activități de învățare interactive utilizând fișele didactice în mod sistematic în cadrul lecțiilor de limba engleză. În plus, elevii și-au format abilități metacognitive care contribuie la realizarea obiectivului de a promova activități de predare centrate pe elev.

A.O. ,,Centrul pentru Educație Continuă” a elaborat și implimentează o strategie de motivare a profesorilor să aplice metode centrate pe elev în procesul de predare a limbii engleze. Instrumentul elaborat  se numește ,,Scara Loialității” și cuprinde 3 nivele cu indicatori de performanță. Prima treaptă, numită Nivelul A cuprinde 12 indicatori de performanță, Nivelul B cuprinde 22 indicatori de performanță; Nivelul C cuprinde 11 indicatori de performanță. Fiecărui indicator de performanță i se atribuie un anumit punctaj și profesorii primesc fișe didactice cu titlu gratuit în valoarea punctajului acumulat.

Activitatea în cadrul programului de internship va continua și pe parcursul semestrului 2 de studiu.

Proiectului FELT School contribuie la îmbunătățirea procesului de predare a limbii engleze în Republica Moldova și este realizat cu suportul financiar al fundației ,,Serviciul de Dezvoltare din Liechtenstein”.


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